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Residential Services:

Our hope for all of our children is that they will be raised in a healthy environment of love and care having their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs met. We endeavor to help them realize their individual worth and potential.

Being part of a family is difficult for children who have spent the early, formidable years of their lives in an environment where survival is the focus.

We desire to bring peace and a sense of belonging to our children through healthy relationships within their "family home" and with the other children of Oaza and staff. In the cases of siblings within Oaza, the children remain together.

In the situations where appropriate, we encourage the children and their birth families to have healthy contact and in some circumstances help with support, counsel, and reunification of the children with their birth parent(s).

The children attend local schools and the older teenagers receive practical work training.

Once they reach 18 years of age, we continue to train and prepare them in order that they may one day support themselves physically and emotionally as they are able.

When the children are home from school for a long weekend or at half term periods, we like to give the children the opportunity to spend time out in nature or visiting the history of their country.

These excursions include day trips, a weekend activity, and camping experiences.  We believe such excursions are a necessary part of normal, healthy development. In order to keep our staff and volunteers growing in their skills, Oaza holds periodic training events by inviting professionals to teach and demonstrate skills in a variety of areas.

We invite other organizations with similar services to that of Oaza to join us in order to work in partnership with our community


1. Casa Shalom (House of Peace)

    This building who needed serious repairs is now again used for residential  care. 

    Currently 5 children and young people call Casa Shalom home ranging in age from 9 to 17 years.

    Building still needs work!

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    2. The Educational Centre “Children’s Oasis”

    This home has been built by the generous donations of others providing well for the children’s' daily needs.

    The program is designed to assist disadvantaged children of very large or of single parent families.

    Currently 22 children attend on daily basis; their activities are free of cost and are based on doing homework, learning English, arts and crafts, music, computer training and other interesting things.

    At the moment we are able to provide a hot meal a day for the children.

    The activity in the center is done under the supervision of Miss Laura Andres our president and implemented daily by   Mrs. Diana Giurgiu our psychologist.  She is assisted by volunteers who come once a week to help us and the children achieve the set and desired goals.

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    3. A chance for every child

    A project where by Oaza  offers support to the families in which children are reintegrated upon their request is an ongoing project.

    We are currently helping 2 families to fix or build their houses.

    For more information on how to help build or repair a house for former homeless people , write to us at: [email protected] 


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    4. Homeless community assistance:

    Laura continues to interact with the homeless community by sharing clothes, medicine and counsel.

    As an organization we realize we cannot solve the problems of the homeless community.

    To maximize our impact, we joined with other similar organizations and work together to achieve similar goals.

    The problem is still there under our eyes.


For The Protection Of Street Children