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Projects 2009


December 2009


On Christmas Eve the children received several groups of carol singers.

It was a great pleasure to receive them all and to share in the News of the birth of the Lord Jesus.


Children performed twice around Christmas, once for the local Church and then for the community of friends, family and local supporters.

Both children from Shalom and Children’s Oasis Day Centre were fantastic and enjoyed the presents they received after performances.



We also prepared food parcels for the families we help, some still living on the streets and some off the street.

We were glad to be able to help them rejoice this Christmas time.



1st December

As we do every year on 1st of December (National Day of Romania) , kids and adults got together to decorate the house for Christmas. All the hand made decorations made by the kids previously were joyfully distributed on the tree and around the house  along side those from the previous years while listening to Christmas Carols.  

First weekend in December we received the visit of  our friends from Scotland. They brought presents with them for each child . High School Musical and Ben 10 bags were their favourite items. The team spent quality time with the children and took Laura shopping for food and several important items for the Day Centre.

As part of the Federation Plus, Oaza visited the town of Gyula Hungary together with representatives of Arad City and  4 other charities.

Arad and Gyula are twin towns and visits like this one are carefully selected in order to increase collaboration between various institutions of both towns. During the visit the delegation was shown a children’s home, an elderly facility and the Romanian High School. 

Winter shown itself too aggressively in December. Temperatures of minus 17 and icy roads made it impossible to drive out of Arad for days.

Our visits to the families we support had to be delayed until right before Christmas / New Year when we went delivering food and Christmas gifts to every child of every family.  

November half term

Laura , volunteers and the kids  designed various activities for the few Oaza kids found on half term break. One of the activities was visiting their friends, now reintegrated in their natural families.

Another activity was making “sweet ravioli”. It was a difficult but very enjoyable task for Laura and the younger kids. All hard work was rewarded by the praises received by the other kids after testing the fruits of our hard work.

November 13th Open house Day

      Second time this year Casa Shalom was opened to the public. We spent 4 wonderful hours in the presence of school friends, teachers, colleagues and guests.

      3 volunteers from a Millenium Centre program came over to “close the night” with fun games . They also  initiated discussions regarding volunteering, especially  sharing with the Oaza young people about opportunities they could also have and work towards as young adults.   

Trip to kids park, picnic in nature :

Oaza kids had a special day out with a team of volunteers from Sheffield , Great Britain. They played table tennis, ball games and enjoyed the slides and swings.

Minis 2009

Oaza kids were reunited with those reintegrated for a week of fun. Cezar, Paula and I enjoyed a good time together with 16 kids. We played locally, climbed  the hills around, went to open air swimming pool, then took a trip up the hill to see a fortress with the young people from Rushden, UK.  Rushden team came over to specifically decorate kids bedrooms while we went away. They did a very good job and we’re very grateful!


21 - 22 nd August 2009

We had the delight of having The Flying Seagull Foundation over for a couple of days. They gave all the Oaza kids and the kids in the community 2 unforgettable days : magic tricks, jokes and lots of fun and music.

12-15 August 2009

“Drum Fest” Christian music festival . It was the real camping experience : sleeping in tents, cooking on small cooker, eating outdoors. Relaxing time in the day time, playing games and lots of music in the evening.  

July 2009

Kids, Cezar, Patri, Paula ,Hannah, Noel and I went on an adventure, travelling in our cars to : Hunedoara – Sibiu -  Sighisoara. We had never done this before so it was a special treat for both the children and the adults.
We visited a Castle, a Zoo, the Romanian National Folk Museum, enjoyed the beginning of the Medieval Festival. We travelled about 800 km round trip. Kids say it was the best trip we ever  took.

july 2009

1.Trip to Curtici : sun, pools and fun… lots of fun.

2. Kids, staff and I were invited to an outdoor event. Mayor was present and accepted to have his picture  taken with us.  

1st June 2009 – International Children’s Day

We celebrated children’s special day on 30th May together with a group of people from The New Hope Trust in Scotland.

We organised several games ( the parachute was most loved)  and competitions. All children received gifts and prizes.

 26th May 2009 Neighbours Day

Our local government is getting more and more European. A new tradition has been promoted: Neighbours Day.Oaza was asked to host the event for our neighbours so we were all involved in sharing invitations, decorating, cooking and enjoying a really nice day with our neighbours.

All guests brought food and drinks and of course came equipped with good will to share with the other guests. The children performed in front of the guests and invited them to visit their beautiful house.

 In 25th/26th  April 2009 , we organised a trip to a place called Sistarovat (seven streams), in  Arad county.

We met with people and children from other nations there and enjoyed activities like: music, arts, hiking, different sports. Kids and we had a great time!

18th /19th April Easter Celebrations  

At Easter some children visited friends and family. Those that stayed at home, in Casa Shalom, we arganised fun activities such as baking of special cakes, painting of the red eggs, decorating the house according to the celebration. The teenagers went out to the local Church to celebrate Resurrection while the younger ones stayed in the house to watch it on TV. Some of the “lucky” kids even met the Easter Bunny.

14th April 2009 Day out 

Laura Andres, Paula Dunn and all Oaza kids went out for the day to visit a family in another county. Children were very happy to spend the day in the company of that family, to play with their son and share gifts with them.

8th March 2009 Celebrating Women’s Day

In a very festive atmosphere, we celebrated Woman’s Day in Casa Shalom. Children performed in front of Oaza staff and several guests (volunteers and friends of the children) .

Special gifts were offered by the children to all present : nicely decorated boxes filled with hand made (by them) cookies/ biscuits.

All ladies present were touched by the children and their gifts.

7th March 2009 the “Open House Day”

In this day , Casa Shalom was open to the public for 6 hours.

People were encouraged to come in and learn of our projects and social services. Children’s friends, teachers, parents and neighbours were our guests throughout the day.

 1st March 2009 “Matisor”

“Martisor”(read murtsishor) is a piece of decoration tied with red and white ribbon. It is worn by children and ladies and it represents a way of telling each other that harsh winter is over and warm spring is coming.

Under the guidance of  our director, Patricia Mircea, students from a local high school and the oaza kids got together to design and make such decorations. The students sold the decorations and used the money to buy food supplies for a number of very elderly people from the community.  

For The Protection Of Street Children