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Projects 2010

Christmas 2010

Father Christmas’ race was a first in Arad, this year. Lots of young and older people dressed as Father Christmas run up and down Arad boulevard in very heavy snow. The first 3 prizes were to be shared with 3 charities. The Oaza children  were blessed to be chosen by the people that organized the race and to receive lovely gifts afterwards. Children also sung several carols in front of the Arad Theatre.

Tanti Ani, an old Oaza friend, came to spend Christmas with the Oaza children. She baked Christmas cookies with all the children , cookies that were shared with the audience at the Christmas outreach.

Christmas outreach was a wonderful experience for all participants. Children sung, recited poems, used puppets and chimes, all for the praise and glory of the one and only Savior of the World.

At the end children received gifts and everyone went home truly satisfied. As an Organization we knew these gifts were the only ones they were going to receive this Christmas. 

A couple of days before Christmas Laura and team visited 7 needy families delivering food, clothes, Christian literature and  gifts for every child. It was a real privilege to see all the children’s faces lit up and the adults smile for a change.

Laura cooked a lovely Christmas dinner and planned activities for the children in Casa Shalom, former Oaza Children and her own family. Everything was fantastic especially as they discovered Nintendo wii game.

For the New Year’s Eve, Laura, the children and volunteers went to see a fantastic fireworks display in the Arad city center  followed by a  meal to match.

December 2010

To all of us at Oaza, December meant the beginning of a series of changes.

First of all, the children in residential care moved to the home we used to call House of Joy. Newly renovated inside, with the help of Renewal Christian Centre , Solihul of Great Britain , the house still needs work. Children settled in well alongside the volunteers who live on site.

Secondly, we extended our work at the Educational Centre by taking on another group of children. There are 22 children who come regularly straight after school to eat, do homework and several other activities. It is a wonderful project to be a part of and we are hoping to be able to help even more children stay in school and succeed in their preparation for life.

This event coincided with the visit of the Scottish Charity  The North East Scotland Support for Romania, a charity that has contributed greatly to the Oaza projects. Caroline and team played with the children, took Laura food shopping and ended the day with a great KFC birthday party for herself and one of the Oaza children. The team also brought gifts that were shared with the children and families through the projects.

September 2010

The North East Scotland Support for Romania Charity visited Oaza in the beginning of September. They did several DIY jobs, helped around the house and took  the children shopping.

The Flying Seagull  Foundation--- Ash and team gave the  Oaza children and those in the community an afternoon to remember. They performed magic tricks, danced and talked to the audience in Romanian.

July 2010

Summer Camp

This summer’s camp was absolutely fantastic! Laura, the children and volunteers drove into the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. They camped in Laura’s relatives back yard and took daily trips to several touristic places: Museum of Avram Iancu; Turda Salt Mine; Water fall of Pisoaia; Albac - the birth place of Horea; Scarisoara Glacier, Rosia Montana . They also climbed Hen Mountain and several others around. Laura’s relatives made us feel so welcome, they took them  in and treated all of them  like family.   

photo gallery summer camp 2010

March 2010

As always, spring is announced by the beautiful hand made “martisor”.

We have made several and shared them with each other, teachers, friends and family.

Mother’s day in Romania is called Woman’s day and we celebrated in by giving a party to the moms and all the girls and ladies in the Oaza project.

We had a fantastic time, the children made gifts for all the  ladies present. 



Oaza children participated in a very special event organised by the women’s organisation of one political party. It was in fact a fundraising event for books and toys for the Oaza project and for another residential unit. There was dancing, singing, speaking and a delicious buffet at the end of the event.  The children were able to choose books and toys to their great delight!


April 2010

 The week before Easter is a special time for us at Oaza. It is the time when we serve our community by lime painting the trees. It is quite a messy job but very rewarding; neighbours encourage the children by giving them sweets, cakes and soft drinks.

The Oaza children and volunteers put together a sketch with Easter theme and performed for us all at church. They did very well even the young people joined in and we were very proud of their performance. (Click here for pictures)

Ann Long, a very dear friend of Oaza, spent Easter with us and was delighted to give the children her expertise on making hot cross buns followed by the usual egg colouring. The excitement was even greater as we set up the following day for fun and activities with several of the children reintegrated and their families. There were 35 people and children present at the celebration, sharing in the good new of Jesus’ resurrection and the good food and games prepared for the day. Some of them spent the night while other returned on same day. It was indeed great to have the children back again and see how much they have grown as time goes by. (Click here for pictures)

Our friends from Scotland visited us around Easter bearing gifts and presents for all the Oaza children. They also helped us purchase necessary items for the after school program for which we are grateful. They spent a whole day with us taking us shopping, playing pool and eating our, for a perfect ending of a glorious day. 

May 2010

Month of may always begins with a day out in nature. It is customary in Romania to go out to the forest and spend time with family and friends while making a barbeque. Some of us took the children to another forest, 35 km from Arad. We had a great day, playing, climbing and making “mici” (spiced minced meat on the grill). (Click here for pictures)

Oaza was again this years the host of the event called “Neighbourhood day”! it is a time for the neighbours to get together and share friendship with each other. Our home was opened to all of our neighbours; we shared our arts and crafts and food with them.  (Click here for pictures )

The NGO Annual Fare was brought forward this year. It was held the last day of school, June 12th. Children were very happy and eager to help set our displays up. They were also enthusiastic about showing off their creations to every person that passed by hoping they could be sold and money raised would contribute to their holiday fund. The results were not up to the children’s expectations.



June 2010

June first is widely celebrated in Romania.Families organise parties and gifts for their children.

This year we have been privileged to receive a generous donation from our Bank to organise a party for 16 children Oaza works with both in Casa Shalom and in the after school program. Almost all the children were present on the day enjoying the indoor playground, pizza and delicious cake. The BCR Bank representatives and Oaza staff present enjoyed the day as much as the children did. Their faces lit up when the clown arrived and when they received books, school supplies and sweets as presents.   


Oaza team is making plans for serious renovations on our second building. We have hired a local team to start renovations and expect a team from Uk to finish them later in the year. (Click here for pictures)

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