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Oaza is an established Romanian charity since 1996.

Its mission is to prevent abandonment and institutionalization of children in difficult circumstances by offering an alternative solution:

  • a family environment with care directed to the individual child according to his/hers personal needs

  • provision of specialized services of education, socialization-recreation, counseling, development of social skills for independent living, school and vocational guidance, support system of counseling and  training for children's parents or their legal representatives

  • provision of child care and protection up to reintegration time into family or society.

  • provision of informal and non-formal education, recreation and socialization  activities, counseling for children, young people and their families from within local community;

1. Casa Shalom – a residential care unit ,
holistic  service to children:

3. Educational Centre : “The Children’s Oasis”- Service to the local community

2. “A chance for every child” – a service to families
as a whole during and post reintegration
4. Service to provide assistance
to the homeless community


For The Protection Of Street Children